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Whole Person Health takes a community, connected

Everyone supporting a patient or loved one with a chronic condition knows it takes a village.We’ve reimagined how to connect that larger support community for each individual through our future-ready platform.

Care teams + family + community = whole person health

With real-time connected data and communications, care teams better collaborate, families gain the tools to support transitions of care and ongoing compliance, and community organizations are cued to where help is needed.

Connect daily insights and family support to reduce risk

Conversations across the care network, light daily touches and remote patient monitoring options enable early intervention, track improvement, and provide real-time feedback regarding effectiveness of different care interventions.

Support more people, more effectively, with high scalability

Somml enables you to elevate personalized care and build stronger connections with more people without increasing resources.

Deliver better outcomes and happier people

Somml creates quantifiable opportunities for better health, more efficiencies in care delivery, improvements in Medicare STARS and HEDIS ratings, and financial performance outcomes.

Enable Care for All

Somml is designed to make care available wherever and whenever your patients are, whether face-to-face, video, chat, or remote monitoring. Our solution and services ensure access for all, regardless of social determinants.

We're making a difference.

I think this is such a huge improvement to medicine. Having this was really appreciated by myself and family. We had a great team of doctors, nurses but this seemed to connect everyone and take some stress off my declining health and age and let us just be a family.

This is the first time my Dad hasn't felt like he was making rash decisions. He likes to have time to think over stuff before making a decision. Just the ability to ask questions was a huge comfort, we did feel better connected as a family and I think it definitely helped us speak with the doctors and nurses.

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