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Customer Impact

I think this is such a huge improvement to medicine. Having this was really appreciated by myself and family. We had a great team of doctors, nurses but this seemed to connect everyone and take some stress off my declining health and age and let us just be a family.

This is the first time my Dad hasn't felt like he was making rash decisions. He likes to have time to think over stuff before making a decision. Just the ability to ask questions was a huge comfort. Although we didn't ask questions on the app, we did feel better connected as a family and I think it definitely helped us speak with the doctors and nurses.

Having this system allows information to be shared so better health care decisions can be made. It can be difficult for patients to process everything given they are not feeling well or may be on medications that cloud their minds.

This is great! We were able to follow the orders and actually saw the discharge order the doctor said he was putting in before the nurse. Thank you! This is great I can see how this will reduce my anxiety and frustration when we are back here

This is the BEST tool I could even conceptualize. Great tool to communicate with medical teams. I especially like involving sons that are out of the area. Totally addresses the biggest frustrations of hospital stays!

Part of the frustration for patients and families is not knowing what is going on, who is involved or what the plan is. They have to wait to be told. The Somml Health platform allowed the patients and family members to see real-time information on their terms conveniently, like orders, medications, test results and ask questions if they didn’t understand something. From our perspective it provided an immediate platform for us to  communicate with each other, the patient and family at the same time. - Libby, RN

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