Somml Response to COVID-19 extended care you and your Our disease-specific virtual care management
works as an extension of your practice to
deliver proactive care and support
Patients Can Trust

Best in Class
Specialized Care Services

When you partner with Somml Health, you gain a dedicated team of Cardiac RMS nurses with disease-specific experience that have a deep understanding of your clinic and your patients, becoming an integral part of your operation. Along with light daily touches and remote monitoring, our care teams help your patients feel connected to their care, and their families and extended care network more easily involved in their journey to health.

Your Patients, Our Support

Our technology + specialized care services model empowers our highly skilled care managers with the data
and real-time insights needed to increase compliance and deliver better outcomes.

dedicated, experienced RNs
integrated with your staff

assist with new patient outreach
and onboarding

real-time data collection, monitoring,
and management of connected devices

ongoing connection to patient,
family, and caregivers

continuity of care through
light daily touches

support patient compliance
through caring interaction

Disease-Specific Expertise

Somml Health delivers full-service specialized virtual care management by a dedicated team of nurses that understand your patient's, and your practice's, specific needs.

Rigorous Protocol and Process

We're making a difference.

I think this is such a huge improvement to medicine. Having this was really appreciated by myself and family. We had a great team of doctors, nurses but this seemed to connect everyone and take some stress off my declining health and age and let us just be a family.

This is the first time my Dad hasn't felt like he was making rash decisions. He likes to have time to think over stuff before making a decision. Just the ability to ask questions was a huge comfort, we did feel better connected as a family and I think it definitely helped us speak with the doctors and nurses.

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