Healthcare is personal. That's why Somml Health is built to develop
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Virtual Care Solutions

A Transformative Virtual Care Platform

The Somml Health Virtual Care Platform unifies data silos, communication, and interactions in real-time, enabling patient-centric in-home early detection, intervention, and disease-specific remote care management. Our HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud platform delivers:
  • A real-time, virtual care connected bridge across family members, caregivers, health care teams, and community services
  • Clinical, administrative, and technical workload relief for providers
  • Seamless EHR integration for a workflow agnostic experience
  • Reductions in hospitalization and ED utilization
  • Increased patient self-activation and family involvement

Our Flexible, Scalable Platform Is Tailored To Your Patient and Practice Needs:

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring engages patients to take control of their health and provides insight into their well-being between visits. Each day your patient will answer 3 simple health questions and take the measurements you selected based on their specific needs. Their results are connected to the Somml Platform in real-time, and anything outside of the normal parameters is immediately flagged for triage. Remote Patient Monitoring enables:
  • Light daily touches for consistent connection to the patient and caregivers
  • Proactive identification and triage of disease changes
  • Increased patient-family value and satisfaction
  • Transparency: everyone in the patient's care network can see the data, ask questions, and see the care being delivered
  • Time capture for reimbursement

Chronic Care Management

With the Somml Health Virtual Care Platform and your team, or our disease-specific care management team working as an extension of your practice, Somml Health provides robust and profitable chronic care management (CCM). We deliver an efficient way of connecting directly with patients, caregivers, and colleagues helping to deliver your chronic care management plan. Somml Health provides context, communication, and transparent team-based chronic care that is always patient-family centric. The outcome is profitable chronic care management that is scalable, efficient, and delivers high satisfaction for your patients, their families, and your practice.

Principal Care Management

Chronic and polychronic care management takes a team approach. The Somml Health Virtual Care Platform lets you collaborate and communicate with your colleagues, along with the patient, their family, and caregivers. The outcome is transparent shared decision making, unified direction, and aligned plans of care. If you or your colleagues are managing a single high-risk condition for a patient, Somml gives you the workflow agnostic platform to meet the requirements for Principal Care Management and automatically update everyone else in the network providing chronic care services.

Transitional Care Management

Deliver seamless care handoffs for your patients and caregivers beyond discharge. With light daily touches and remote monitoring to ensure your patients, their families, and extended caregivers have the information and transparency they need to support a smooth transition, from real-time access to discharge plans, medication needs, and direct access to a specialized care manager that is ready to help.

This helps me take simple steps daily to managing my health. Before I didn’t really know where to start. My family can see what I’m doing and being connected to the Dr. is piece of mind.

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