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Keep Your Patients at Home

Somml Platform + Specialized Care Management = Optimized Care

Our real-time connected data & communications and tightly coordinated disease-specific outsourced care management keeps patients at home through at-home early detection, intervention, and outsourced specialized remote care management.

Monitor and engage with patients throughout their health journey

Somml enables seamless care across Transitional Care Management (TCM), Principal Care Management (PCM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), and Remote Physiological Patient Management (RPM), along with the associated charge capture.

Create an integrated, personalized experience for your patients

Conversations in real-time between the patient, their family, and care team, light daily touches, and remote patient monitoring options enable early intervention, track improvement, and provide real-time feedback regarding effectiveness of different care interventions.

Deliver whole-person health to more patients, more effectively

Somml enables physicians to focus on building stronger connections with more patients without impacting day-to-day workflow.

Move beyond transactional case management

Somml specialized care management moves beyond the transactional case management model, where your patient gains a trusted resource that supports care across their multi-disciplinary care team, their family, and any community-based organizations, regardless of social determinants.

This helps me take simple steps daily to managing my health. Before I didn’t really know where to start. My family can see what I’m doing and being connected to the Dr. is piece of mind.

We're making a difference:Patient Outcomes on the Somml Platform

The 10-month rolling admission program had 42 heart failure patient enrollments with 37 patients completing.
The average time in program was 193 days.

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